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Base Price – up to 8 hours of fun!  $550.00
Keep it overnight - Only 33% more. Pickup next morning  $600.00 
2 Day Pricing. Pickup Next day 7pm or after $825.00
Weekend Price! Drop off Friday 2pm, Pickup Sunday 7pm $1,100.00

Setup Area: 78′ x 12′ x 16′

Actual Size: 78′ x 12′ x 16′

Outlets: 5

Age Group: 4 and up


(Item not subject to any discount)
 Toxic Drop
is a new inflatable obstacle course with a twist: it comes in two sections that make an overall size of 78′ LONG.

Players are challenged by a series of different obstacles. As they progress to the second section, they get higher & higher by climbing up the blocks. When they get to the last block it is in the shape of a giant wedge (narrower at the bottom) thus causing it to sway back and forth.

Players have to balance themselves so they don’t fall down The Drop. If they do they can exit out the side and try again.

You are definitely going to love Toxic Drop! The games has 7 of obstacles:

  • Obstacle 1. The Wedges
  • Obstacle 2. The X Wall
  • Obstacle 3. The Vault
  • Obstacle 4. The Mangle
  • Obstacle 5. The Blocks
  • Obstacle 6. The Drop 
  • Obstacle 7. The Slide

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